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Teruaki Daitokuji


Mr.Daitokuji is an artist, humanitarian, philosopher, and teacher.

Passionate about conveying a message of joy, serenity, and hope in as many ways as possible, Mr.Daitokuji is active as a painter, singer, and performer of traditional Japanese dance. He also organizes and leads groups of people on study trips around the world and runs a NGO that raises money to build schools in developing countries. Along with these many activities, he writes and lectures extensively on "How to Live a Joyful Life.

" One of the ways in which he expresses his vision is as a painter. In the past twelve years, he has exhibited his unique calligraphic art in numerous exhibitions both in Japan and overseas including Paris, New York, and Beijing. His end of the year calligraphy exhibitions at Kyukyo-do in the Ginza have been an annual event since 1990 and have attracted people from all over Japan.

Blending operatic arias, musical numbers, and traditional Japanese songs, he has entertained and inspired many people at sold-out concerts throughout Japan. He has also released two CD albums, Kokoro no shirabe (The Melody of the soul) and Tengoku ni tsuzuku michi (The Road That Leads to Heaven), and a CD single titled Yoki ni (Merrily).

Using traditional Japanese dance as another way to express his message, he performs and creates original works in the traditional style. The many years of training culminated in a performance of traditional and original works at the National Theater in June 2002.

Committed to the ideas of peace and expanding people's hearts and minds, he leads groups of 20 to 250 people ranging from teenagers to seniors to various places around the world many times a year. On these travels he has taken people to the US, Europe, Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Mexico, Australia, Tibet, and China. He leads these study trips to get people involved in the world and to get them to think about what they can do to contribute to humankind.

In an effort to bring his ideas of helping others into practice, he founded a NGO that builds schools and delivers school supplies to children in developing countries. His efforts have led to schools being built in such places as Bangladesh.

He is also written many books ranging from inspirational to autobiography. These include Hikari no Tsumugi (Koyudo, 1997), which was published in English as Weaving a Robe of Light (Koyudo, 1999); Ten no Hikari, the Light of Heaven (Daihorinkaku,1998); Yukinaga, his autobiography (Shunjusha, 1999); and 21Seiki no Kaze, The Wind of the 21stCentury (Daihorinkaku, 2000); Kokoro, Heart (Shunjusha, 2001); Inochi no Hikari, The Light of Life (Shunjusha, 2003); I ni idakarete, Being held in love. (Shunjusha, 2010)

Since discovering his passion in life to help others over twenty years ago, he has been giving lectures on "How to Live a Joyful Life." People come from all over Japan and abroad to hear his lectures, which he gives three times a month. Endeavoring to create a relaxing and serene environment for learning and meditation, he has created a retreat in Yugawara, Kanagawa Prefecture called Tenmeian, where he gives lectures and enjoys meeting and talking with people.

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